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How to get a free room in Vegas


How do you get a free or discounted room in Las Vegas?  Our guide will explain how to get comps, and what that will entitle you to.

Just to be 100% clear, comp is an abbreviation for complimentary. If you can generate enough comps, then you might be able to get a free room.

Historically, comps were reserved only whales, the mega gamblers. They got free rooms, drinks, what ever they wanted. These days it is much more organised and less subjective. It is fairly clear what you need to wager to be comped. With the major casino’s all offering player programmes – Mlife, Identity Club, and Caesars Total Rewards being the most well known, discretionary comps are also now much more in the open.  This is good news for the average player, but just how average do you need to be?

Why Do Casino’s offer comps?

To get information about you and tailor your experience in the hopes that you’ll keep coming back for more.

You sign up for the free program and use your member card whenever you play at the slots or tables, and the casino tracks your play and sends offers to you through email, their website or snail mail to get you back at the property.

How Do They Work?

All comp programs are designed around profits or theoretical profits. Read our article on House Edge for more information on this subject

How Comps Are Calculated

  • Player 1 – Blackjack for 4 hours average bet of $150 per hand.
  • Player 2 – Slots for 2 hours average bet of $3 per spin.

The casino’s theoretical win:

  • Player 1 – 4 Hours x 60 Hands per hour x $150 Bet x 1.5% House Edge = $540
  • Player 2 – 2 Hours x 300 Spins per hour x $3 Bet x 5% House Edge = $90

Typically 20%-40% of the theoretical win from the player is reinvested as comp.

Therefore 40% of $216 for the Blackjack player ($540 X 0.40)= Free hotel room, possibly food as well.

and 40% of $90 = $36 for the Slots player= Complimentary buffet and $10 free slot play

What Kind Of Comps Are There?

  • Rooms or suites
  • Taxi’s or limos
  • Food and drink in Restaurants, bars or on room service
  • Show and event tickets
  • Shopping gift cards or store credit

The more you spend, the higher value comps you will receive, and eventually you are likely to be assigned a casino host who is essentially your in house concierge.  A casino host can get you ANYTHING.

How do I get a Free Room in Las Vegas?

If you spend enough, you may reach the hallowed status of RFB.

RFB = room, food and beverage. All free.

How Do I Qualify for RFB?

All estimated on 4 hours play per day for table games

  • Aria – $200/hand for table games or $14,000 coin-in per day in slots
  • Bellagio – $250/hand for table games or $18,000 coin-in per day in slots
  • Caesars Palace – $250/hand for table games or $18,000 coin-in per day in slots
  • Cosmopolitan – $150/hand for table games or $11,000 coin-in per day in slots
  • MGM Grand – $150/hand for table games or $11,000 coin-in per day in slots
  • Wynn/Encore – $300/hand for table games or $21,000 coin-in per day in slots

NB – Coin-in just means wagers or bets through the slots, not necessarily losing the money.


You best route to complimentary in Las Vegas, unless you are a big scale gambler, is via the various Player programmes – Mlife, Identity Club, and Caesars Total Rewards. As organised programmes these offer a specific formula that can be followed, so you can track your progression and reach the hallowed level that gets you a free room. The more unstructured comps outlined above require a level of spending and risk outside the reach of most visitors to Las Vegas. If you can afford to spend $150 plus PER HAND on Blackjack for example, not just once, but for hours on end, then you can reasonably expect a tap on the shoulder from a casino host at some stage, with a free room in their hand for you.

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