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How to Travel on the Strip


The onlyvegas247 Guide to How to Travel on the Strip in Las Vegas

It should be easy to travel on the Strip in Las Vegas. After all, it is man made place dedicated to providing the best experience in all areas of your stay. Therefore everything should be easy, including travel, right?

The sheer size of the Strip and the time it takes to get between hotels is the number one thing that first time visitors comment on in our experience. Never arrange to meet someone in 10 minutes at the next hotel, we guarantee that you will be late.

Therefore our guide to the various options to travel on the strip will enable you to minimise wasting time, and maximise your time enjoying yourself! We also have a Guide to getting to and from McCarran airport.

Getting a Cab or Taxi

Once you get a cab along the strip, you may not want to do it again. It’s slow, frustrating and can be expensive.  Sure if it is raining it makes sense, but at busy times in popular locations, for example outside the Cosmopolitan, there can be a 30 minute line for the cab. Don’t forget to tip the taxi hailer as well.


It depends how fast you walk obviously, and also what time of day it is to work out how long it is going to take you to walk between hotels and up and down the Strip. Also – is it summer? Have you been shopping and have loads of bags with you? Where in the hotel are you meeting? (it can take a long long time to get all the way across Caesars Palace for example). Using Caesars as an example, walking to the Wynn is nearly a mile, and can take 15 minutes. At peak times this can be even longer as you need to cross the road as well. Huge crowds at peak times make this the most strenuous way to travel on the Strip.


The Las Vegas Monorail does a fantastic job of getting you up and down the Strip to and from certain locations. In particular if you want to get to one of the hotels (or the Convention Centre) that the monorail visits, then it is the best option. A single journey is $5. Don’t be fooled by the monorail’s claims that it is stopping at say Excalibur. Yes, the MGM station is the closest to the Excalibur but it is at least a 10 minute walk from the MGM station to Excalibur.  If however you are staying at SLS, and you are meeting friends at Bally’s then the Monorail will have you there is under 10 minutes. There is no quicker way to travel on the Strip. Insider Tip – The Monorail is at the back of most of the hotels on the Strip. The Ballys stop in particular is at least 5 minutes walk from the front of the casino floor.


There are two main bus routes that operate on the Las Vegas Strip. Both services run every 15 minutes.

The Deuce stops are outside nearly every hotel. Of course this means that progress is very slow, especially in heavy traffic periods, which on the Strip is most of the day. Buy a single ticket, a 2 hour ticket or a 1,3 or 5 day pass. You can hop on or off with all these tickets apart from the single ride, and its a great way to meander along the strip. There will be loads of other tourists on the Deuce with you, unlike other bus services where you may be in the minority.   The Deuce stops are on the sidewalk on the Strip, and you can buy tickets at these (apart from multiple day passes).  In our view this is the best way to travel on the Strip. Insider Tip – Some of the Deuce’s have advertising ALL over them. If you don’t look carefully you could miss them. The Deuce is a 24 hour operation.

The Strip and Downtown Express (SDX) is a quicker ride along the Strip as it misses out most of the hotels. This does mean that you could have a long walk from the bus stop to the hotel you want to get to. Like the Deuce the SDX eventually goes Downtown, and also to Premium Outlet North shopping. On the Strip you can only get the SDX from outside MGM, Paris, Wynn and Stratosphere.   It is easy to spot the SDX as it is a single decker, with a bendy section in the middle, and most are gold in colour. The SDX runs from 9AM to midnight.

Insider Tip – Prices are the same on the Deuce and the SDX, and you can use the same ticket on both.


We are cheating a little here, as we have posted elsewhere about running on the Strip.  It is possible, but only early in the morning or late at night. There is also the Las Vegas Rock and Roll marathon to consider, but we are really stretching the truth there….

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