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What should I tip? – Las Vegas Tipping and Gratuity Guide


What should I tip while I am in Las Vegas?

It’s a tough, complicated question – What should I tip in Las Vegas? The tipping/gratuity culture is very much part of the fabric of the United States. And in Las Vegas, even more so.  It can be confusing though, so our Las Vegas Tipping and Gratuity Guide will help you understand this part of the Vegas culture. The staff who make your stay so memorable rely in the tips, so join in with the culture even if it isn’t something you are used to.

Nearly all services in Las Veas offer a very high level of service, and you should tip accordingly.  Our Las Vegas Tipping and Gratuity Guide to the “expected” amounts for a variety of services will help you negotiate this etiquette minefield, but rememeber you can tip as little or as much as your Vegas budget allows.

What should I tip in restaurants?

15-20% tip on the total (Before tax) is recommended, if they are friendly, attentive and provide good service. Fortunately in our experience most restaurant staff in Las Vegas offer excelletn service. Sometimes the gratuity is pre-included in the bill so check for that, this is especially true with a large party of over 8 people.

What tip should I leave at the bar?

Etiquette suggests that you tip the bartender at least $1 for every round you buy, even without waitress service. This is a unusual for Brits in particular, but is expected as bar staff get low basics salary and rely on the gratuities to make up their money. If you’re ordering a larger bill of drinks 1 or 2 drinks, leave 10-15%.

What should I tip the bellboy?

They expect $1 for each bag they have delivered to your room plus a little extra if you agree to have them show you the features of the room.

What should I tip the taxi driver?

15-20% off the fare is considered normal, but only do this if they are nice, take you the quickest route (unless you have specified otherwise) and provide a clean cab. Most in Vegas fall into this category.

Chain restaurants like McDonalds?

All have tip jars, which you can use if you like, but it isn’t compulsory.

What should I tip the casino cocktail waitress?

At least $1 PER DRINK for a free drink whilst you are gambling.

Cocktail waitresses have to pay tax on gratuities so if you don’t tip at least $1 a drink they are effectively paying for your drink. Note – They will happily take chips or slot machine print outs as they can cash them in.

What should I tip the Room Maids?

Basically $2-$5 per day of your stay, or else a round number like $20 at the end of your stay. Just because you may not actually see a maid, they do a hard job and deserve tipping, woudl you want to clean up after you?

Tip – Make sure you leave it soemwhere obvious, we suggest on teh desk that are in msot rooms. On rare occassions hotels provide special envelopes in room.

What should I tip the Valet when I drop off/pick up my car?

Around $2 when you drop off and the same again when you pick up is the standard amount.  If you have a valuable car then more would be prudent and expected.

What should I tip the Bottle Service Girls in nightclubs?

If you have a table in the club, you will already have spent a large amount of money (or will be at the end of the night).  There will be 18% automatically added, but most high rollers will leave a lot mroe than this. Budget for this, table service may make you look liek king of the world, but can be very expenisve – Trust us, we know….

What should I tip Cigarette Girls?

These are the girls that walk around the casino selling cigarettes and cigars (remember you can smoke in most casino’s), $1-2 is the suggested amount.

What shoudl I tip a Casino Dealer?

Are you a whale?  Then it doesn’t really matter to you, so tip a lot, especially if you have won…..

Are you a normal person like most of us?  Tip as you feel fit. Winning – Tip more. Losing – You won’ t be expected to tip as heavily. Remember dealers accept chips as well as cash.

What should I tip the Front Desk Agents?

One of the few service areas in Las Vegas without a tipping expectation, however using the 20 dollar trick might snag you an upgrade.

What should I tip the in hotel Dancers?

– Some hotels have Go Go Dancers in the casino pit. If you have been playing on a table near soem dancers, then a tip of around $5 woudl go down well. The Flamingo in particular has this kind of entertainemnt.

What should I tip Nightclub Bouncers?

Beware – You need to fully understand where you are in the pecking order for entrance. If you are a VIP or a whale, then you’ll get whisked straight in.  If you are a mere mortal you may be in a line that says VIP, but is longer than standard entrance. You don’t have to tip bouncers, but it may well help you skip the queue/line and it will cost you at least $50-$100 per person.

What should I tip for Room Service?

There will usually always be an auto gratuity of 10%-15%, and tip a few extra $ for the staff who actually deliver your food.

What should I tip Slot Attendants?

These are the people that pay you when you win a slots jackpot, there is no fixed % and it depends on what you win.If you are lucky to win big on slots, then tip big.  Remember even slots players wil get free drinks, although not as often as table players, so follow our advice for cocktail waitresses. Ever wondered why there are so many slots in Las Vegas?

What should I tip the Taxi concierge?

$1-$2.  This is rumoured to be the most lucrative of all Las Vegas service jobs outside of high roller casino dealers.  Jobs passed down from mgeneration to generation.  At busy times some hotels have a taxi departing every minute.  Even at $1 a cab, that’s $60 an hour in gratuities.

What should I tip my VIP Host?

They aren’t allowed to accept cash. They will undoubtedly have increased the fun on your vist, so tip accordingly. Unsure what a casino host is?

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