Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino Resort

Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino Resort

Lucky Dragon has had a troubled conception. However when it does open we are expecting it to be spectacular.  On that point, opening is still scheduled for 2016, we will keep you posted on this. We have gathered as much information that is available so far and present it all here for you. There isn’t even a proper website for yet, this is the best there is.  Of course as soon as reservations can be made, we will be offering a best price booking guarantee.


From the marketing blurb – The casino is going to be the first in Las Vegas designed from the ground up to create an authentic Asian cultural and gaming experience. – We suspect there won’t be an obvious Macau influence within the design of Lucky Dragon however. It will be obviously Asian, but in a Las Vegas style. We are excited about it.

Food Options

Will unsurprisingly include several authentic restaurants and cafes ranging from noodle bars, to high-end dim sum, to tea cafes.

Hotel Rooms

Lucky Dragon will feature only 206 relaxing room. This makes it exceptionally small by current Las Vegas standards. Expert a luxe price for these rooms. However judging by the images below, each room is going to be themed and very impressive.


A (yet to be named) spa with modern amenities around a Chinese theme. Naturally we expect all of the usual Las Vegas hotel amenities as to be present as well, although it doesn’t look like a swimming pool is going to be one of them.  We are intrigued by the floor plans desciption of an “aspirational” bar and gaming area however.


As well as the usual Las Vegas table games, the Chinese theme means that Baccarat, Pai Gow, Fan Tan, and Sic Bo will have a much greater presence that at other casino’s due to their huge popularity with the target market. There will also be Feng Shui designed private gaming parlors, just don’t expect an invite to play in them unless you are a very high roller or whale.

Lucky Dragon Artist Impressions and Floor Plans

All Images from EV and A Architects


Lucky Dragon onlyvegas247
Lucky Dragon onlyvegas247






Lucky Dragon Las Vegas Floor Plans
Lucky Dragon Las Vegas Floor Plans
Lucky Dragon Las Vegas Floor Plans




Estimates place the cost of so far of Lucky Dragon at at least $20 million. Sadly we are now hearing that construction has ceased, and we are unsure of when it will recommence.
We hope that this is only a temporary pause, and that construction will recommence soon. We’ll keep you informed.